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“I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Elizabeth when we were both Residential Fellows at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society (2003-2005). Elizabeth and I worked together on a fascinating clutch of copyright cases in both the federal district courts and courts of appeals. I loved working with her – she is a first-rate strategist, a terrific writer, and an all-around lawyers’ lawyer. I have stayed in touch with Elizabeth in the years since, and my estimation of her personal and professional qualities has only grown.”

Chris Sprigman, Professor of Law, NYU Law School

“When the State of Georgia sued my small non-profit for the crime of having posted the laws of the State of Georgia on the Internet without their permission, Elizabeth Rader stepped up and defended us pro bono. She was a joy to work with and won a resounding 3-0 victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit establishing that the law belongs to the people and that no government may prevent citizens from reading and speaking the law. An informed citizenry is crucial to the functioning of our democracy and the excellent lawyering of Elizabeth Rader helped reinforce that right for our modern age.”

Carl Malamud, Public Resource

“Elizabeth is whip-smart and strategic as hell. And she doesn’t write like a lawyer; she writes like a writer. Clients lucky enough to work with Elizabeth have judges who understand their best arguments and are pulled along to a conclusion that helps them reach their best outcomes.”

Karen Boyd, Partner, Turner Boyd LLP

“Elizabeth is a great strategist, creative and effective. Her briefs are first rate, her clients well cared for, and she's a pleasure to work with. She genuinely enjoys practicing law and it shows.”

Jennifer Stisa Granick, Surveillance and Cybersecurity Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union